Health & Nutrition

How often to breed your bitch?

The experts all seem to agree that the least healthy approach for a breeding bitch is to skip heat cycles and keep the bitch unbred. This is not only Dr. Hutchinson's philosophy as Dr. Threlfall at Ohio State Univ. teaches the same thing (my husband just attended a Cont. Ed seminar on Canine Repro earlier this year at OSU). This is NOT new information, either. I was reading Dr. Billinghurst's book GROW YOUR PUP WITH BONES, which addresses the health of puppies as well as their parents and reproductive issues. This is not a new book (maybe 10 years old?). He states the same thing.

Feeding schedule

As far as how much to a feed a dog, it is recommend following the instructions provided on the particular brand of dog food purchased. Most of the charts will determine the number of cups a day the dog should eat based on its age and weight. Take the total number of cups recommend and divide that by the number of meals the dog is being fed. Of course, that recommended amount can be adjusted slightly based on the dogs’ individual needs.