Interacting / Playing with your dog

Dogs naturally want to play. If you watch puppies at 8 weeks old, their interaction and desire to play with each other is evident. Playing is a "pack" behavior that is usually suppressed when humans come into the picture, especially when the owner has only one dog. Very few owners know how to play with their dogs.


Dog parks

Due to the leash laws in many areas, dog parks have become popular spots to allow pets to roam off leash and play with other dogs. Though dog parks have been established with the best of intentions, it is no recommended for most dog owners simply due to the fact that dog fights are common. If you take your dog to a dog park often enough, it is simply a matter of time before your dog gets bitten or in a fight with another dog. It is inevitable and absolutely will happen sooner or later.


Building "toy" or "ball" drive

Every young puppy has an interest in playing and it is very easy to develop a pup's desire to play with a toy such as a ball or tug. This is often referred to as "toy drive". It is much more difficult to develop toy drive on an older dog that has no interest in playing, so it is always best to develop this drive while the dog is young and is always eager to play.

The first key is to have a "favourite toy" for your dog. If you play with your dog, try to use the same toy every time rather than using a different toy each time.